A pair of scissors and ruler on top of some cardboard.


A must have for flooring professionals or anyone looking to reduce the amount of tools for installation. 

  • Will assist when removing 1/8 to 1 1/4 end cuts
  • 100% handcrafted made in the USA
  • Recommended for use with hardwood, engineered hardwood and tongue-and-groove flooring.
  •  Stainless steel 1/4-20 bolt.
  • Breaker opening: 1 1/4 deep X 1/2 or 13 mm.width

VINYL PLANK FLOORINGS WORST NIGHTMARE Designed and created for LVP flooring installation

Immensely motivated by the desire to enable workers to perform better at construction sites, we develop quality products for the market. By creating a unique item fusing the capability of several tools into one versatile device, we create that winning equation.


  • Ergonomic handle for comfort 
  • Adding leverage when removing waste from material.
  • Reduces pain and fatigue in the hand, fingers joints, and wrist.
  • Helps reduce the need to carry aroung a large laminate cutter or running to a miter saw for cuts.
  • Made from Light-weight Heavy Duty Aircraft aluminum, is built to last. 
  • Hard coat anodized for long lasting beauty.
  • Etched lettering and markings stand out against colored finish for easy reading.
  • Adjustable bolt.
A green measuring tool with a metal handle.


1. Score plank with knife/ razor on plank surface.

2. Adjust bolt to plank width. DO NOT SNUG TIGHT. Leave a little loose to slide down plank edge.

3. Align bolt on the back side of plank with the upper scorn cut plank.

4. Insert plank into breaker.

5. Simply bend or fold plank toward its self helping create leverage when removing waste.

Multitask With Ease

Work smart, not hard. Channel the versatility of a multipurpose tool that can help you complete building tasks, repair jobs, and solve problems.